Explore the sights of Armenia: Shop till you drop!

No trip is complete without a little bit of shopping, isn’t it? Every country has its different cultures and traditions and that’s what makes them so unique and special.
When it comes to Armenia, the country has a lot to offer and we’ve made a list so that your next trip to Armenia becomes hassle free.

1) Armenian Cognac:

The Armenian Cognac is considered as the pride of the country and is a must-buy. You can buy souvenir bottles as gifts for your friends and family. These bottles are relatively cheap but they contain real Armenian Cognac.

2) Jewellery:

The traditional Armenian jewellery has elements of ancient history and culture. Offering a wide range of jewelry, Armenia has something or the other in store for everyone. These will make a great gift for yourself and even for your loved ones. 

3) Fridge Magnets:

The most common and cheapest things to buy from any country are fridge magnets. Even though they’re not expensive they cary memories of the places you’ve visited. You can buy several magnets such as Armenian cities, Armenian flag, landmarks, famous personalities, etc. 


1) Vernissage:

Vernissage is an open market from where you can buy each and every type of souvenir. Besides souvenirs you can also find paintings, musical instruments and jewellery. So make sure you keep your bargaining skills ready and shop away!

2) Dalan Art Gallery:

The Dalan Art Gallery is located on one of the most beautiful streets in Yerevan. It was one of the first souvenir shops of Armenia and is loved and visited by every tourist. From magnets, pomegranates, grapes, Ararat, etc the Dalan Art Gallery is a must visit.

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