Romantic Dubai: Celebrate Valentine’s day in Dubai

Valentine’s Day is special for many across the world. It’s a beautiful day to express romance and affection and many celebrate it with grandeur and excitement. While there are several ways to enjoy, traveling takes the benchmark a notch higher… What better way to strengthen the bond between you and your partner as you surround yourself with laughter, romantic experiences and a world where all that matters is each other? We’ll tell you!

We’ve got some tips:

  1. See Dubai from a whole new perspective.

Nothing beats saying, “I love you”, when you’re standing on the world’s tallest building and looking out at a shimmering and radiant city. Head over to the Burj Khalifa and follow through with a romantic dinner and watch the spectacular show of the Dubai Fountain.

  1. Go back in time with the ‘Ship of the Desert’.

A night in the desert is just what Cupid ordered! Whether it’s taking camel rides, or going on dune safaris, spending time camped out under the stars, curled up with your Valentine is where you should be. Explore Dubai’s culture, wildlife and history in luxury!

  1. Watch the sun rise, twice!

Can you think of anything more romantic than watching the sun rise, twice? Yes, you read correct!  you can book a private morning ride, where your captain will take you up over the desert to enjoy views of the Hajar Mountains. That double sunrise comes in when you lose a bit of height after seeing it once, and the change of angle means the sun rise up over the ridgeline again.

  1. Spoil yourself, Armani style.

Armani Hotel has a range of romantic offerings this year, but we’re liking the sound of the spa treatments. All throughout February, you and your loved one can book in for a two-and-a-half hour relaxation ritual in a private room, with a gift for each of you included. Pair it with a meal at any of the hotel’s restaurants and you’ve got a super indulgent day and evening.

Plan a trip to the grandiose Dubai to express and experience love in the most luxurious and regal manner possible. Booking a Dubai visa online has never been easier. Visit for more details.


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