Marvelous Myanmar: Top 4 tourist attractions to see.

Filled with ancient history, rich culture and heritage, Myanmar is full of life. The vibrant colors, positive vibes and scenic beauty of Myanmar make it a popular tourist destination.

The love and affection, the grandeur and the beauty of this place make it a worthwhile visit. From eclectic tourist experiences to a calm that can’t be felt elsewhere, this place is one of a kind.

When you visit Myanmar, make sure you visit these attractions without fail.

#1 Shwedagon Pagoda

This is one of the most popular tourist spots in Myanmar and is a hit internationally. Many tourists claim to find their souls in this beautiful temple which is studded with diamonds and plated in gold. After the sun sets a mystical atmosphere is formed as the Pagoda is lit up.

#2 Dhammayangi Temple

A Buddhist temple located in the city of Bagan, is one of the largest monuments across the city. The temple was built by King Narathu. The history of this place and its origin is very amusing as it dictates the story of why and how it was built by King Narathu. 

#3 Kandawgyi Lake

One of the major lakes in Myanmar, Kandawgyi lake observes tourist attractions from across the world. The lake is a paradise for nature lovers as it holds many plants and trees across, offering amazing and spectacular sunrise and sunset views. Originally constructed as a reservoir and a dam during the British colonial times, this place is now famous among the locals as well as international travelers.

#4 U Bein Bridge

It is the world’s longest teakwood bridge. The view from this bridge varies from season to season. A great time to visit this bridge would be around sunset. Many locals and monks go back and forth on this bridge. There is a special vibe on this bridge that one just can’t ignore.

As they say, Myanmar is the land of Golden Pagodas and the experience is once in a lifetime. So don’t wait up and get ready for your next trip to Myanmar and leave all the stress. While you pack your bags, we take care of your visas. Book your Myanmar e-visa by visiting

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