Stunning Cambodia: Top 5 things to do in Cambodia

Rich history, delicious food, stunning coastlines and a happening nightlife, are what define tourism in Cambodia. The country may have its flaws and issues, but remains a top holiday destination in Asia. The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Cambodia are the stunning temples of Angkor, but the country is so much more than that.

  1. Visit the Preah Vihear:
    The Preah Vihear has one of the best settings among all the Khmer Temples. This temple is situated atop a 1,722 ft cliff in the Dangrek Mountains and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Visit this temple to get an insight into the vast history and culture of Cambodia.
  2. Cruising in Cambodia:
    Being a culturally rich country, Cambodia offers various tourist experiences, one of them being cruising and boating in Cambodian waters. The best way to cruise is by taking the traditional Khmer style of boats which will give you first hand exposure to the culture and diversity of the country.
  3. Massage and Spa:
    The best way to get rid off all your stress and rejuvenate yourself is to get yourself a nice, relaxing massage. Almost all hotels and resorts in Cambodia have a massage and spa facility so that you stay fresh during your stay. You must try the traditional Khmer style massages and also the fish massage which is widely available in Cambodia.
  4. Visit Bayon Temple:
    The Bayon Temple is a must visit if you are a fan of architecture. It is a perfect blend of Buddhist and Hindu styles of architecture. The main deity here is Lord Buddha and the architecture is that of Khmer Style. There are various towers that have exquisite stone faces carved on them.
  5. Scuba Diving:
    Cambodia’s scuba diving experience is different from other parts of the world as there are diving spots for people of different skill levels. There’s something for everyone. With a rich marine life and a large presence of coral reefs, Cambodia offers one of the most scuba diving experiences in the world.

From a rich, cultural experience in temples to the exciting scuba diving activities, Cambodia is a country that should be on your bucket list. So if you’re looking for an e-visa to Cambodia, go to and apply for one today!

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