Stunning Oman: 5 beautiful places to visit in Oman

Oman! A region surrounded by large stretches of desserts, dense canopies of lush green oasis and the Arabian sea. Been blessed by the best of both worlds—the dessert and the ocean, Oman is heaven in its own way. Rich in culture and heritage, Oman is known for its ancestry that goes long back!

If you’re planning your next trip to Oman, the land of golden sand, blue water, mystic aura and rich heritage then get ready to experience something like a dream.

Here are 5 best places to visit during your trip to Oman.

1) Muscat
The capital and the largest metropolitan city, it is known for its dazzling souks and mouth-watering seafoods. Its historic significance, especially pertaining to centuries back, is a main tourist attraction for many tourists.

2) Salalah
Like a one man army, Salalah has everything you need for a perfect vacation. Gorgeous weather, scenic beauty and amazing waterfalls. This city is known for its spice trade dating back to older times, wonderful beaches and green landscape.

3) Khasab
Khasab is the city which borders the nation of United Arab Emirates. Being a port city, the place is rich in seafood and large wooden boats, all handcrafted. This place is also known for its rich marine life, the coastal belt and coral, marine fossils. One of the popular tourist attractions in Oman, Khasab is also known for its luxurious hotels built with grandeur and glam.

4) Samail
Filled with rich heritage and culture, Samail attracts a lot of tourists from across the world due to its forts and castles. As Oman is rich in ancestry and archeology, Samail is also a popular place for a lot of historians and researchers from major universities.

5) Nizwa
An ancient city situated in Ad Dakhiliyah region in the Sultanate of Oman, is popular for its Arabian markets, bazaars filled with antic artifacts and handicrafts. It’s also popular for its forts, ancient ruins and a busy place as it is just 2 hours away from the capital city.

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