5 Ethiopian tourist spots you must visit

Ethiopia is unique country in its own way. Blessed with cultural history, thriving fauna and flora, and amazing, kind people, Ethiopia has everything. The tribals of this place make it even more worthwhile, protecting and preserving their heritage, their legacy and keeping it as original as possible. The diverse weather conditions of this place makes a comfortable habitat for many creatures and animals.

Ethiopia is also known for their fine artifacts and handicrafts made by the locals. They have their own charm, with elegance and beauty.

If Ethiopia is the next destination on your travel bucket list then we’ve got you covered. Here are the top 5 tourist spots you need to visit during your trip:

#1 Lake Tana

The largest lake in Ethiopia, Lake Tana is as gorgeous as it gets. Known to be prominent since the times of Ancient Greek empire, is a major tourist attraction for many tourists. This lake is bound to get a good amount of rainfall, which is beneficial to the locals and the farmers residing there.

#2 Mago National Park

For all the nature lovers, this place is abundant in thick, dense forests and many wildlife creatures like zebras, colobus, waterbucks, etc. Most times, tourists visit the park on their way to local tribal villages in the park. One should visit this park to witness the beauty and elegance the African wildlife holds.

#3 Sof Omar Caves

Sof Omar Caves is known to be the longest caves in Ethiopia. Allegedly it is known to be the longest ones in Africa. And that automatically makes Sof Omar Caves as a popular destination for tourists. These caves run in a zig-zag manner

#4 The ruins of Aksum

Close to Ethiopia’s northern border, this place is heaven for all the history lovers and people who’re generally interested in heritage and culture. With stories of all times layered in the air of Aksum, this place is a must visit for all the tourists from across the place.

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