Stunning Singapore: Night Safari in Singapore

An experience different than any other, Singapore beats all the safaris in the world by leveling up its game. The Night Safari in Singapore is the world’s first ever Nocturnal Wildlife attracting tourists from all over the world.

Night Safari Wildlife Park is 12 time winner of best attraction category awarded by Singapore Tourism Board. The experience is totally worth it as the journey of the entire area is divided into 6 geographical zones of the world. The experts or the tour guides help you understand the basic locations of the Night Safari and give you an insight of all that’s to offer in the wild park.

An unusual idea, it gives an experience unlike any other wildlife visit or Safari tour. The Night Safari opens around 7 pm and shuts at 12 pm (Singapore local time), giving a spectacular after-light journey in the jungle with a grand set of wildlife animals.

Unlike other group activities, Night Safari in Singapore makes for a great family and friends trip. To witness the entire park and enjoy there are different facilities for the same. One can opt for a trekking experience (walking), by a vehicle or tram rides.

Exciting shows during the opening hours of the Night Safari are screened/performed. However the shows are only if the weather in the area is suitable. Due to unavoidable weather/climatic conditions, the shows may not run.

Since it’s a nocturnal experience, the park provides with a grand dining experience. The tables are laid across flat lands in the middle of dense canopies with tents built over the tables. The unique dining experience gives three options to choose from—An evening in the wild, Cocktail Safari Express and Gourment Safari Express.

A plethora of wild life animals, this place has it all. From wild cats—lions, tigers, leopards, bats, elephants, deers, etc. The entire park is divided into four trails on the basis of wildlife journey that you wish to experience. Up to 1,000 nocturnal creatures, the animals are out in the night to carry on their day to day habits of grazing, hunting, bathing and collecting their food according to the season.

While all this sounds exciting, something filled with adrenaline rush, getting to Singapore is something that a lot of people worry about. But all you have to do is relax, sit back and head over to Singapore while we take care of your Singapore Tourist Visa.

Happy Safari Ride!

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