The best of Zimbabwe: The African Delight

Popularly known for its dramatic landscapes, a diverse variety of flora and fauna, and multi-racial people preserving their culture and heritage, Zimbabwe makes a favorite tourist destination for many. The expanse of this place is wide and huge, making it a nature’s place, with the natural and scenic beauty at its peak.

The urban setting of Zimbabwe is quite westernized but the regional places hold much importance of their culture, origin and history.

If Zimbabwe is on your cards for the next travel destination that you choose, here’s Zimbabwe’s best places to visit.

1) Victoria Falls

Without a doubt, Victoria Falls has to be the number place to visit in Zimbabwe. This exotic looking region, a paradise in its own way is shared by Zimbabwe and Zambia. Victoria Falls is not just a water-body but a thriving tourist place as well. The amazing dining experience, a glimpse of this mighty falls from the Devil’s Pool, and the scenic beauty of this place is mind-blowing.

2) National Gallery of Zimbabwe

If you enjoy art, admire artists and adore creativity then this place will amuse you. The National Gallery of Zimbabwe gives a glimpse in to the culture and heritage of the nation. The local art is something that’s showcased and preserved here, which helps the travelers and tourists understand the cultural diaspora of the country.

3) Eastern High Lands

An 18th Century painting that depicts the country side and terrain beauty of a region signifies the true beauty of Eastern High Lands! The whole expanse of this place is as gorgeous and soothing as it gets! The serenity, the calm and the lush green terrains of Eastern High Lands act like magnets to the travelers of the world. These mountain strips are snow clad with pine trees layering the top most tier of the soil, bringing nature at its best.

4) Matobo National Park

A feast to the eyes, Matobo National Park holds honor in the name of Unesco World Heritage Site.  This lavish beauty is adorned with granite rocks, making its own natural sculpture. Many come to this place from overseas to admire the beauty that this place holds.

5) Jafuta Heritage Center

A quaint little museum, Jafuta Heritage Center is an important tourist destination for many. It houses a lot of cultural artifacts, age old paintings, ancient goods and curated materials. An excellent collection of a lot of materials from the past and history of Zimbabwe, it’s an important educational hub as well.

Zimbabwe is not only rich in scenic beauty but also cultural heritage. An amusing experience for many, it is a must visit for anyone visiting the African continent. The only worry you’ll have is your packing and which pair of sunglasses to carry because we’re taking care of the visas by providing an instant e-visa to Zimbabwe. Book your e-visas to Zimbabwe only on Happy Traveling!

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